Sascha Wilson

Police shot and killed a Cuban national in Princes Town yesterday after he reportedly attacked a police officer.

Police said the deceased Carlos Manuel Olivere, 53, is a street dweller.

They said around 10:15 am two municipal police officers were on mobile patrol when they saw Olivere and another man fighting.

They stopped and as they came out of the vehicle the men ran off. One of the officers went in pursuit of Olivere and caught up with him by the Triangle. Olivere began struggling with the officer, striking him several times with a commercial chain on his arm and head resulting in injury. The other officer then shot Olivere once in the chest.

In a video showing the man’s body on the ground, a man is heard voicing his disapproval over the situation.

“That man had no gun, nothing. Shoot a man at point blank “ he complained. Investigators took possession of an 18 inch long chain. Insp Mohammed and other officers visited the scene.