Sascha Wilson

Santa Cruz resident Shaquill Morris was fatally shot by the police in an exchange of gunfire yesterday.

A rport said the incident occurred around 3.45 am when officers of the North-Eastern Division Task Force went to execute a search warrant in the Santa Cruz area.

The officers were reportedly shot at and they returned fire.

Morris was shot several times. He was taken to Eric Williams Medical Sciences Complex where he was pronounced dead on arrival.

Investigations are continuing.

It is second police related killing for this month.

On October 2 police shot and killed a Cuban national in Princes Town after he attacked a police officer.

The deceased Carlos Manuel Olivere, 53, was a street dweller, investigators said.

A report in that incident said around 10.15 am two municipal police officers were on patrol when they responded to a report of two men fighting at Cacique Street.

Olivere ran off as the police vehicle stopped and the officers came out.

One of the officers went in pursuit of Olivere and caught up with him by the Triangle. Olivere began struggling with the officer, striking him several times with a big chain on his arm and head, resulting in injury.

The officer tried subduing Olivere with his baton but he continued striking him.

The other officer warned Olivere to stop and drop the chain, but he refused. He then shot Olivere once, striking him in the chest. He was pronounced dead on arrival at the Princes Town District Hospital.