Think again about smoking marijuana during a public Carnival event this year, the police have warned.

Speaking at the Police press briefing on Wednesday Sgt Orcil Phillip of the Traffic Branch advised against taking a smoke during a fete.

“Anyone caught smoking marijuana in a public place will be immediately arrested. Just because a party is private and requires a paid ticket does not make it a private space, ” said Sgt Phillip.

Electronic cigarettes would also be under scrutiny, as Phillip said the that officers would be on the lookout for devices which could facilitate the smoking of the substance.

Phillip said the police would keep their eyes pried for “Any lighted or heated device, pipe or any other product whether natural or synthetic for the inhalation of a substance in any manner or in any form and includes the use of an electronic smoking device that creates an aerosol or vapour in any manner or any form or the use of any orally used device for the purpose of inhalation of the substance.”

He also reminded the public that several police officers manned these events.

“Many of these events would have uniformed and plain clothes police officers on duty so we appeal to you to refrain from lighting it up. Because this will result in your immediate arrest, ” said Sgt Phillip.

Philip also urged drivers to be well rested before taking the roads after these event

“Tired drivers are considered more dangerous than drunk drivers so please pay attention to how tired you are and how you are feeling after these events, ” he said.