Suspended police inspector David Subero, 48, was granted bail for $200,000, when he appeared before a Justice of the Peace yesterday, charged with obstruction of justice.
The matter was adjourned to June 22nd 2021 and transferred to the Siparia Magistrates’ Court.

According to police reports the accused is alleged to have met with a man on November 24th 2020 in Siparia and had a conversation with him about a statement he previously recorded with police and information regarding an ongoing investigation being conducted against him.

The man refused to divulge the said information as requested by the accused. The accused then allegedly told the man in a loud tone that, ‘if he was on the side with those people he will come after him’. The man enquired from the accused what he meant by those words as it was his duty to provide a statement, to which the accused said, ‘whoever coming at him, he needed to defend himself and if the man was part of them he will be coming for him.’

Officers of the Professional Standards Bureau (PSB) investigated the incident. The accused was arrested on Tuesday 6th April, 2021 and advice sought from Deputy Director of Public Prosecutions, who gave instructions to lay the charge of obstruction of justice.
Subero was charged on that same date by Cpl. (Ag.) Simon of the PSB. The accused has three matters pending before the courts.