Police are looking for a woman who filmed herself on a beach, apparently in breach of the current COVID-19 Public Health Ordinance.

The woman is seen in a social media post stating she was on a private beach owned by her family as she insisted that their presence there was not a threat to anyone else.

She said, “It has come to my attention that some of you guys are having a problem that we’re on the beach but…ahem…it’s our private beach, our private land. We’re not risking anybody’s lives because it’s just us family here. We know each other’s whereabouts, we know who we’re around, so not that I need to explain this to anyone but…ahem…I don’t know what to tell you. We’re just fortunate to have this beautiful place. Go complain on Facebook again.”

The woman, whose post was carried under the handle “samimami303”, then panned the camera around, revealing at least three other people on the beach.

In a Facebook post late Saturday, the Police Service posted: “The TTPS is reminding citizens that ALL beaches, rivers, and water parks remain closed in Accordance with the Public Health Ordinance regulations. There is nothing as a PRIVATE or PUBLIC BEACH. Anyone with information on the identity or whereabouts of the person in this video is asked to contact the Police at 999, 555, the Police App or WhatsApp 482-GARY.”

The post came on the same day that Prime Minister Dr Keith Rowley called on the police to do more to uphold the law with regard to the COVID-19 regulations.

There’s been widespread debate this past week about the police’s approach to those breaching the law after participants at a pool party in the upscaled Bayside Towers were warned but not penalised.

By mid-afternoon yesterday, the TTPS post had attracted over 1,200 comments, mostly critical of the person in the video, with many calling for her to be prosecuted.

“Your family does not own any beach Ma’m….Why aren’t they arrested yet?” said Mel.

“They are making a mockery out of our hard working crime fighters and Gary I want a video of her apologizing to the Prime minister, TTPS and the citizens of Trinidad,” Niki added.

Rishi said: “And she’s practically gloating about how fortunate she has to have this and boohoo for the rest of us. Let’s see how they deal with this TTPS ball is in your court.”

Elanor made a call for people to come forward and assist the police in identifying the woman, saying, “I would hope that who knows them would assist the TTPS because many of us were guilty of saying that TTPS was wrong for the way they handle the Bayside situation. So they are willing to do something so we should be willing to help them. See something say something in this case know these people say something.”

But while some were glad to see the police seeking to address this case, others were not too quick to commend the police, with some even blaming the TTPS for creating situations like these.

Xander posted, “I blame Mr. Griffith for this. He didn’t take action in the Bayside incident, now everyone feel they could do what the hell they want. I feel another press conference coming on.”

Reve added, “It will be interesting to see what the police service is going to do because if yall charging the small man for being at the beach and not these people well I guess a lot of lawyers are going to have some interesting cases to deal with….if it’s good for one …welllll.”

Sadie also questioned the police’s next move as she linked this case with the Bayside pool party, saying, “Will she be apologizing publicly when Gray finds out who she is. Asking for a friend….Because we heard Bayside luck is not Sealot luck.”

Police Commissioner Gary Griffith confirmed yesterday afternoon they were still seeking the individual.