FLASHBACK – Police perform a road check exercise along the Eastern Main Road, Beetham Gardens during a lockdown of the Capital on July 22nd. (Image courtesy TTPS)

“With immediate effect, we intend to intensify our policing three hours before the start of the curfew.”

This from Commissioner of Police, Gary Griffith, who confirms that beginning tonight, the TTPS will intensify patrols and roadblocks because of the increase in vehicular traffic two hours prior to the start of the daily 9 pm curfew.

The move also is expected to put a dent in criminal activity, as criminals appear to be using this period to increase their activities, the top cop said.

In an official statement, the CoP says the roads had become congested and as the time draws closer for the start of the curfew, motorists become anxious and, “we have seen a pattern of dangerous driving on the roads as they try to reach their destination.”

At a media conference on June 14th, Commissioner Griffith pointed out the reckless behaviour of motorists.

Six weeks later, he says nothing has changed for some as there continues to be dangerous driving, with some drivers being caught driving under the influence.

“It’s a dangerous situation out there as such behaviour puts the lives of the errant drivers and other motorists at risk. The highway has become a race track just before the start of the curfew, so we will have to peg back that behaviour with the increase in patrols and roadblocks,” the Police Commissioner said.

“Since the start of the State of Emergency and the curfew, police officers have encountered persons racing to get home with all sorts of excuses,” he observed.  “Most prevalent is the consumption of alcohol over the prescribed limit. A number of persons have been charged and are before the courts for this.”

Commissioner Griffith added, “With immediate effect, we intend to intensify our policing three hours before the start of the curfew. We will have many roadblocks, we’ll be doing DUI testing and we’ll be doing speed testing as well to put an end to the irresponsible behaviour of some trying to get home and sometimes, even being intoxicated.”