Rajesh Ramdass

A Police Constable has appeared virtually before a Port-of-Spain magistrate charged with shooting with intent to murder.

PC Rajesh Ramdass appeared virtually before a Port- of- Spain magistrate to answer charge of shooting with intent to murder.

The officer, with eight years’ service, was arrested and charged yesterday.

He was granted $300,000 bail with a surety or $15,000 cash bail and the matter was adjourned to November 10.

A statement from the Police Service said a 37-year-old man reported to police that on April 3, 2016, he was at an establishment in the Debe district, when he got into anargument with another man over whose turn it was to access the establishment’s service.

During the incident, the victim said he hit the man who fell to the ground. The victim then approached the man with a bottle in his hand.

The man, an off-duty police officer, is said to have drawn his service-issued firearm and fired several shots at the victim, hitting him in the stomach.

Both the victim and the officer were subsequently taken to hospital for treatment.

The investigations into the incident was headed by Senior Supt Nazrudeen Pragg, head of the Court and Process Branch, who also laid the charge against Ramdass