One economist says there needs to be a firm commitment by whichever political party is elected into government at the August 10th polls, to navigate through the economic challenges.

According to Dr Roger Hosein’s assessment, both major political parties have done little over the years to effect positive change.

During an interview on CNC3’s The Morning Brew, Dr Hosein said there has been horrible management of the T&T economy, which has exposed the country’s financial vulnerability.

Dr Roger Hosein, Economist

He warns there will be no smooth sailing in the post general election period.

“We need political will to make things happen,” he states. “I am hearing a lot of comments by the current Government and a lot of promises by the existing Opposition, about what will be done—and a lot of it is flowery. Some of the things proposed by the current government have dates of this month and next month. There are a lot of projects to be started, and then for four-and-a-half years, some of these things will be shelved,” he points out.

Dr Hosein maintains that a system must be created to ensure that the economic development promises in the manifestos must be delivered by whichever party wins the mandate to govern.

He calls on civil society to keep an eye on what the parties have promised, and what they actually have delivered.