I am a little confused with what took place at a pool party at Bayshore towers where people involved broke the COVID-19 protocols with 40-plus persons and just got off with a warning.

While the Police Service is ticketing folks on the streets for not wearing masks which I totally agree with, others are being allowed to blatantly break the regulations.

Large groups are permitted to go on their merry way why? What is good for Peter is also good for Paul. When this type of thing happens a wrong message is being sent to the wider public. I leave that up to those in charge to figure this out.

It does not matter who or where, if the COVID-19 protocol is not being adhered to, people need to be dealt with in accordance to the law.

More than ever with community spread and daily deaths which we are experiencing the TTPS need to put their feet down on those rebellious individuals.

We cannot have one group doing all that is possible to prevent the spread of this deadly virus and others just do not care.

I repeat myself but in another form “who the cap fits let them wear it” according to deceased Bob Marley.

No one is exempted for we are living with a deadly virus which we must fight together.

One love people, stop the parties and wildness in these challenging times.

San Juan