Rishard Khan

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A post-Carnival spike in COVID-19 cases was recorded. However, according to information presented by the Ministry of Health’s epidemiology division’s technical director, Dr Avery Hinds, it was not significant enough to burden the country.

Speaking during Wednesday’s virtual press conference, he indicated it presented itself almost two weeks ago.

“There was what we consider to be an unusual number of cases for one day. That was March 7 which is about a week after the official Carnival weekend and maybe a week or two of some of those additional activities (unsanctioned, underground parties),” he said.

“While we did see that uptick, it wasn’t something that caused enough significant severe illness to burden the healthcare system. It’s not that it’s concerning that we’re missing data, again we see it, we know where it’s from but its impact had been mitigated by a few things.”

He said one of the mitigating factors was the lower severity of illness brought on by the Omicron variant along with the effect of the public health measures instituted within the country.