Murder victim, Imran Mohammed


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A 53-year-old poultry farmer has died after he and his son were abducted in Chaguanas and placed in the trunk of their vehicle.

Imran Mohammed, of Dow Village, California, was driving his Suzuki vehicle along the Longdenville Old Road with son Isaiah, 22, in the front passenger seat around 12.30 pm Tuesday.

Police said a black Nissan Sunny B-15 blocked their path and two men armed with guns emerged and forced them into the back seat of the vehicle.

After driving to Las Lomas, the abductors parked the car in some bushes.

They took Imran and Isaiah’s phones and tied their hands and mouths. The men then bundled the father and son into the trunk and left.

Isaiah loosened the ties and untied his father, only to realise he was motionless in the trunk.

Isaiah ran to a nearby house and told a resident what occurred.

The resident contacted police, and when officers arrived, they found Imran dead next to the car.

Police said the senior Mohammed might have choked on the gag placed in his mouth by the men who abducted them. However, there was also a wound to the side head and blood oozing from his nose.

Police continued their search for the suspects yesterday but had no success up to news time.

Guardian Media visited Mohammed’s home yesterday, but relatives were too traumatised to speak.

Investigators are also looking into reports that Imran went missing on February 14 but returned the following day. However, they say they are yet to determine a motive for the abduction.