The old Powergen plant in Port-of-Spain.

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The Wrightson Road skyline is set to undergo a significant facelift soon as the Power Generation Company of T&T Limited (PowerGen) has announced plans to demolish its Port-of-Spain power plant and its iconic four towers.

As a result of this planned work, PowerGen is now inviting members of its neighbouring community to a virtual public consultation on Thursday.

PowerGen said the planned schedule of works on the decommissioning and demolition of its Port-of-Spain power plant will be conducted “in accordance with industry standards in Health, Safety, and Environment.”

The virtual public consultation is scheduled to be held at 5 p.m. on Thursday.

The link for the meeting is available on PowerGen’s website.

“Our Port-of-Spain neighbouring community stretches to French Street on the west, Wrightson Road on the south, Victoria Square West on the east and Ariapita Avenue on the north,” a public notice by PowerGen stated.

The Port-of-Spain power station had been a power generation site for 120 years until its decommissioning on January 14, 2016.

“It was on the current site of the Port-of-Spain Power Station in 1895, on the then Ariapita Estate, that an American businessman by the name of Edgar Tripp established the Electric Light and Power Company. Ownership of the plant would later transition to the government in 1937 when the plant was purchased by the State,” according to PowerGen’s records.

Construction of the Port-of- Spain plant, with its four iconic stacks, began in 1961.

“Port-of-Spain Power station has not only served as a source of electrical power over its history. Since 2012, the plant’s Wrightson Road perimeter wall became a new showcase for the artistic talent of our nation’s youth, generating support for the continued development of the creative expression of future national artists and visionaries,” PowerGen stated.