Sascha Wilson

Despite his defeat at the polls, leader of the Progressive Party Nikoli Edwards has put the electorate and his opponents on notice that they have not seen the last of his political party.

Edwards, the PP´s lone candidate, was defeated by the People´s National Movement’s Faris Al-Rawi for the San Fernando West Constituency. The figures showed that Al-Rawi got 7600 plus votes while Edwards got roughly 199 votes.

Edwards, a former temporary independent senator, was the youngest political leader in the election race.

He said yesterday:, “Waking up this morning and knowing the results, in general, it’s just a strong feeling of what more could I do than what I’ve already done. Coming out of an election that was an uphill battle, putting my best foot forward when the odds may have been against me. I was clearly driven by a passion for the constituency and for the country at large.”

However, he was proud of the efforts put forward by his team. While wishing the incoming government the best of luck charting the countrys future in the next five years, Edwards said the PP will hold the Government accountable.

He said right now was a period of rest and reflection, but his party would be reconvening, building its membership and preparing for th local and general elections to come.

He also intends to write to Election and Boundaries Commission seeking a meeting with Chief Election Officer Fern Narcis-Scope to discuss several issues he encountered with the electoral process.

He said the EBC operates on the premise that candidates have intimate knowledge of the electoral process and that may be as a result of the main contenders being either PNM or UNC.

“We clearly see where all alternative parties have serious problems understanding the process, knowing what systems have to be put in place. This is where candidate manuals need to be publicly available and revised ever so often,” he said.

He suggested that the EBC also embark on an ongoing candidate education campaign as well as a voter education drive throughout the year to properly prepare the nation for the electoral process.

Calling on the Government to debate and pass the Representation of the People Amendment Bill, he said had this law been operationalised the results of the election would have had a different outcome.