Conrad Enill- Chairman, Phoenix Park TT Energy Holdings Co. Ltd, third from left, cuts the ribbon while looking on from left, are Alvin Dookie- VP Business Development- PPGPL, Donnie Schubert- President- PPEM, Eric Thaxton- Mayor of the City of Daisetta, Dominic Rampersad- President, PPGPL and Chris Bendfeld – Terminal Superintendent, PPEM during the dedication ceremony for the newly acquired NGL terminal located in Hull, Texas.

Following the establishment of its newly acquired terminal in Texas, Phoenix Park Gas Processors Limited is aiming to ramp up production.

Last week PPGPL’s subsidiary Phoenix Park Energy Marketing hosted a dedication ceremony for the newly acquired NGL terminal located in Hull, Texas. The event, which was was held at the rebranded Phoenix Park Hull Terminal facility, was attended by the company’s key external stakeholders as well as the Mayor of the City of Daisetta, Eric Thaxton.

Chairman of Phoenix Park TT Energy Holdings Company Ltd, Conrad Enill commended PPGPL’s second North American acquisition in two years.

He said this is part of the company’s plans to grow along the energy value chain in fulfilment of its strategic objectives.

Enill said, “Phoenix Park 4.0 is envisioned to be a fully integrated business that is invested along the energy value chain.. In doing so, it will focus on sustainability across all areas of business. “

He added, “the company’s continued growth will redound directly to the benefit of its shareholders, customers, employees and the people of Trinidad and Tobago.”

PPEM’s president Donnie Schubert explained the company’s has plans to grow the terminal.

He said, “With this terminal, PPEM can access and aggregate LPG supply to sustain and grow its markets in Mexico and the U.S. This terminal has a maximum capacity of 16 rail cars per day (14,000 bpd); pipelines which connect the facility to its supply sources in Beaumont and Mt. Belvieu; over 40 acres on which the terminal sits and an additional 350 acres of adjacent land. The company plans to increase to 22 rail cars per day by April 2023 and to 44 railcars thereafter. “

Schubert continued, “Already the Engineering and Operations teams based in Trinidad are in the advanced stages of planning for these expansions.The Phoenix Park Hull Terminal is a strategic acquisition for PPGPL and its subsidiary and through its skilled and competent workforce spread across the US, Trinidad and Tobago and Canada, the company is well poised for further growth, aligned to its vision “to be a recognized global leader in the development of energy-related businesses.”