The prayer posted in social media by a woman identified as a relative of Andrea Bharatt.

As police and civilians continue their search for 23-year-old Andrea Bharatt, who was kidnapped last Friday, people all over the country have been praying for her safe return.

Since news broke of Andrea’s kidnapping over the weekend, social media users have been sharing her photos and making appeals to her kidnappers for her release.

A woman who identified herself as Bharatt’s relative, posted a prayer, along with a photo of Bharatt next to a lit candle and an open Bible.

The woman wrote:

“Lord, bring Andrea home to us… Her family is grieving…  We need you home Andrea, stay strong baby girl…  We love you beyond words.”

One of the many prayers posted in social media on behalf of kidnap victim, Andrea Bharatt.

On several public groups where media reports and updates on the search for Andrea Bharatt were posted, users expressed their hurt and anguish over her kidnapping.

One user wrote: “This is so heart breaking…  I’m studying this child, like is mines.”

Another posted a prayer, writing:

“Mighty God, we humble ourselves before you, asking for the safety of all missing children.  Some are too young to understand what’s going on and some are old enough.  Lord, protect them all.  Block the minds of the kidnappers so that they lose focus and release these children.  Create confusion among them to allow the children to escape or to call for help.  Work Your perfect ways to bring back those precious children to their families. Our trust is in You. Amen.”