Presbyterian Moderator Joy Abdul-Mohan, left, gives communion to members of the Rousillac Presbyterian Church during the first service yesterday.6/14/20


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Rogue cops must be held accountable and a concerted stance must be taken to stop racism globally.

So said Moderator of the Presbyterian Church Rev Joy Abdul-Mohan as she pledged more action by the Presbyterian Church of T&T to ensure a just and equitable society in T&T.

Speaking at a church service held at the Rousillac Presbyterian Church, Abdul-Mohan said as the world grapples with a global pandemic, the PCTT could not remain silent to acts of violence as well as the “systemic and inherent racism in the world.”

Expressing outrage by the tragic death of George Floyd and others, Abdul-Mohan said, “These tragedies bring to the forefront the fears and injustices that African Americans have faced every day for generations. The PCTT grieves with the world and is appalled with horror and consternation by the deaths of persons of colour and excessive use of force by law enforcement.”

Saying not all police are corrupt or fail to protect and serve, Abdul-Mohan said “those who are rogue must be held accountable for their action.”

She noted, “The PCTT stands in solidarity with the ecumenical movement, other Christian and religious organisations, local, regional and international in condemning unequivocally systemic racism which has triggered outrage and protests globally. We are heartbroken for those who are faced with the inhumanity of racism.”

She called on the Christian community to deepen its understanding of the devastating impacts of systemic racism by “working with all stakeholders to broaden cultural sensitivity in the denouncement of any kind of discrimination.”

Noting that T&T was cosmopolitan, Abdul-Mohan said it was customary for politicians to, directly and indirectly, create polarization among citizens.

“Recognising that racism is as real as life and as serious as death, overt or covert in our culture, the PCTT assiduously helps persons to move from an attitude of hostility to an attitude of hospitality,” Abdul-Mohan said.

She said there was a critical need for everyone to confront racism and inequality.

“We must come together to build a deeper understanding of issues around social justice and equity for all,” she said.

She also noted that the PCTT was dedicated to educating its community on anti-racism, diversity, social justice, and inclusion.

“We will strive to make a social impact through our educational institutions and intensify our efforts towards developing a more cohesive ministry of reconciliation and mediation,” she added.

She noted that the PCTT embraces the black lives matter movement and was standing in solidarity with all people of colour.