At a press conference, at 2 pm, on Wednesday, President Paula-Mae Weekes stated definitively that she was not vaccinated at Kings County Hospital in New York.

According to the President, she received her two vaccination shots in Trinidad.

The first on April 6th and the second one on June 7th.

“Let’s make it clear, I had no vaccination in New York and what I did was the PCR test, and I would take this opportunity to record my thanks to Kings County Hospital,” her excellency said.

“I have had no other vaccine, booster or otherwise, nor has any other vaccine been suggested to me to take.”

Earlier in the day, a tweet from the hospital’s twitter page claimed the President visited to be vaccinated.

The tweet went viral, leading to online criticism towards President Weekes.

The tweet was subsequently deleted and another tweet, correcting the original claim, confirmed the President underwent PCR testing.

Executive Director of the Caribbean Woman Health Association Cheryl Hall said she was present at the hospital when her excellency underwent the testing.

“On Monday, I met her at the Kings County Hospital where she was admitted by the administrative staff of Kings County and taken to have the test performed,” she said.

The President returned to Trinidad from New York this morning.

She said she only heard about the original tweet from the hospital upon arrival.

Reporter; Joshua Seemungal