President Paula-Mae Weekes receives her COVID-19 booster shot. Photo courtesy The Office of the President

President Paula-Mae Weekes has received her COVID-19 booster shot. According to a press release from the Office of the President she received a dose of the Pfizer vaccine on December 15th. The shot was administered by Ms. Grace Sookchand who is the Manager of the Expanded Programme on Immunisation in the Ministry of Health.

The following is a press release from the Office of the President:

On December 15, as soon as she became eligible to receive her third dose of the Covid-19 vaccine, Her Excellency Paula-Mae Weekes ORTT, President of the Republic of Trinidad and Tobago duly took her “booster”.

The Pfizer shot was administered at the President’s office by Ms. Grace Sookchand, Manager, Expanded Programme on Immunisation, Ministry of Health. President Weekes’s nonagenarian mother, who has been taking her Covid-19 shots alongside her daughter, also received her third dose on the same day.

The President experienced no side effects and was at work as normal the following day.