Acting Commissioner of Prisons Dennis Pulchan addresses issues on Tuesday’s riot at the Golden Grove Prison in Arouca during a press conference at the facility on Wednesday.

Acting Commissioner of Prisons Dennis Pulchan is ensuring that the prisoners who were involved in Tuesday’s riot at the Golden Grove Prison in Arouca will be punished. However, he also says he cannot guarantee that a similar occurrence won’t happen again.
“I would love to, but this is a dynamic environment, and it changes every single day, ” he said at a press conference at the Golden Grove Prison in Arouca on Wednesday afternoon.
Despite admitting this, he expressed his belief that there was a sense of control in the prison at this time.
“We have increased security measures. We have placed more officers in strategic locations and we are using our sources,” Pulchan said assertively.
Some 240 remandees, he said, are now being held in at an external remand facility following Tuesday’s uprising.
Before the riot, the prisoners were all located in the southern region of the Remand section. But Pulchan said that the section of the facility was damaged beyond use during the riot. GIving some details on the damage, he said cells and doors and the building’s roof was damaged.
Pulchan has also set up a committee to investigate the incident. Its remit is to seek to find out those responsible for the incident.
Saying video evidence will be used in the investigation, Pulchan said rioters are liable to face charges of attempted murder, assault, destruction of government property and public disturbance.
Tuesday’s riot began around midday when an inmate allegedly assaulted a senior prison officer. At least three prison officers were injured during the melee.
Close to 14 hours later, at around 2 am on Wednesday, the remandees who escaped from their cells were returned to cells at a new location after a joint team of police officers assisted in suppressing the unrest.

Reporter: Joshua Seemungal