Recycled materials from President's House will be used to construct a roof for the Arima market.

Recycled materials from President’s House and other State agencies will soon be used to construct a roof at the Arima Market.

Confirmation came yesterday from Arima Mayor Lisa Morris-Julian as 300 vendors get set to shift from the market to a nearby open carpark to make way for a roof.

Promising vendors they will suffer little inconvenience, Morris-Julian told Guardian Media yesterday that work on the roof will begin after Carnival and will be delivered in under 60 days.

Once completed it will accommodate 500 vendors- 200 more than what it currently houses.

Morris-Julian said recycled materials obtained from various government projects will be used to construct the roof.

“ I am not sure where all of the material is being outsourced from.”

However, she admitted that some materials were sourced from the recently restored $89 million President’s House.

She said Udecott will be the project manager for the roofing project.

“The last time we had an estimated cost to replace the roof was $5 million. That was about five years ago. So we are very grateful and happy for the materials. It is saving us a lot of money. We have been trying to push Arima as being a town for recycling, reusing and reducing. This fits in quite nicely with our vision.”

The roof will take up the entire circumference of the outdoor market.

“What it is we are aiming for, is that, when we start to build the new market that will be the roof. It is basically what we will work with. We starting from the top and working our way down.”

The corporation’s vision is to build a two-storey market for Arima.

Morris-Julian said the vendors and CEO met to discuss the new move and everybody is on the same page.

“Everyone was happy and in agreement. And we all looked forward to the covering of the opening market. But of course, some people want to be in the market every day….24 hours a day and we cannot accommodate those people.”

She said selling beyond the market’s stipulated time was against the corporation’s rules.

Morris-Julian gave the assurance that the corporation will not impose a hike on the rental of their stall.

“Fret not yourselves. The market stall prices will remain the same and this roof will ensure that we remove all the tents, pieces of old wood, galvanise and will be able to clean weekly instead of twice monthly. We want uniformity.”