$100,000 funding for Carli Bay Fish Festival

The Carli Bay Fish Festival received a timely injection of cash to the tune of $100,000 on Friday morning from the Proman Group that operates at the Point Lisas Industrial Estate.

The cheque was handed over to the Carli Bay Fishermen Association at the Couva Point Lisas Chamber of Commerce facilities at Camden Road.

Collis Williams, manager at Proman, said the company controls IPS,  Methanol Holdings and Denovo among others, plan to share what it can with the fence line communities and take an active role in upcoming events.

President of the  Couva Point Lisas Chamber of Commerce Ramchand Rajbal Maraj said the event comes off on June 29 and has a budget of $150,000.

Rajbal Maraj said a large chunk of the budget would go towards paying for police, security and fire services.

He said the festival will commemorate St. Peter’s Day, the fisherman’s day, and will begin with a service blessing of the boats and fishermen.

Booths will feature seafood and focus on culture.

Rajbal Maraj said the event would also augur well to promote domestic tourism.

He said  Carli Bay is an unassuming foreign exchange generator due to an unlikely source, the cutlassfish.

Carli Bay is home to a bountiful supply of cutlass fish, a predatory fish which is also known as the large head hairtail.

It has a distinctive appearance with a long, eel-like body and is silver.

Approximately 85 boats with an average of four crewmen have cutlass fish as their main catch due to its abundance in the area.

Carli Bay fishermen have tapped into a huge market for cutlassfish in China and Miami.

- Shastri Boodan

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