19 year old in court for murder

Tevin Gibson, 19, of St. Croix Road Princes Town, is expected to appear before a San Fernando Magistrate today charged with the murder of Darren Carter.

According to police reports Mr Carter, 39, of Manahambre Road, Princes Town, was at the Pleasantville home of a female friend on June 12th, 2018, when a man known to the woman entered and an argument ensued.

 During the altercation, the man pulled out a gun and shot the victim several times about the body before running off. 

The victim died at the scene. 

Gibson was arrested on July 30th, 2018 and charged on Thursday 2nd August 2018, by WPC Liselle Serioux, of the Homicide Bureau of Investigations, (HBI) Region 3.

 Investigations were supervised by W/ASP Lucia Winchester and Insp. Learie Figaro, also of HBI Region 3.



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