50 stranded as water-taxi shuts down off North Coast

Panic broke out onboard a water taxi servicing the seabridge this afternoon when the vessel stalled, leaving dozens of passengers stranded.

The vessel shut-down just off the North Coast of Trinidad with approximately 50 passengers on board.

Smoke was seen coming from the back of the vessel, leading many to believe a fire broke out on the boat.

Passengers had to be later transferred to the Cabo Star and a Coast Guard vessel.

One passenger onboard the "Trini Flash" told us the water-taxi began servicing the seabridge between Trinidad and Tobago only today. 

But while the sailing from Port-of-Spain this morning was hiccup-free, the 4pm sailing from Scarborough went downhill approximately one hour into the journey. 

The passenger who spoke with us under the condition of anonymity explained that an hour into the sailing, passengers began observing smoke emanating from the water-taxi and the vessel came to a stop. 

The passenger said an announcement indicated that something was wrong asked all passengers to remain seated. 

Passengers were assured they would be kept informed of all developments.

However, the passenger told CNC3 that after 30 minutes on the sea, no help had arrived. 

We understand passengers began desperately calling the authorities for assistance. 

CNC3 spoke with Marketing and Public Relations Manager at the T&T Inter-Island Transportation Company Vilma Lewis-Cockburn who confirmed the water-taxi vessel was experiencing some issues. 

She asked us to contact Nidco for more details. 



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