500 seedlings to replant Chaguaramas forest after fires

Over 500 seedlings will be replanted in Chaguaramas on Thursday, to help restore forested areas that were destroyed by recent bush fires.

The initiative is being led by the Ministry of Planning and Development, the Institute of Marine Affairs (IMA) and the Chaguaramas Development Authority.

A statement by the ministry says it will kick off at 8am on the Corpus Christi holiday, on the road that is the first right off Macqueripe Road, Chaguaramas. 

The main objective of this exercise, according to the ministry, is to counter some of the effects of forest fires during the 2019 dry season which destroyed many of the trees in the Chaguaramas area.

It says that members from the public, the Success Laventille Secondary School and various NGOs have been invited to volunteer and have overwhelmingly responded.

The 500 seedlings will include 200 cedar, 250 mahogany and 50 Marite Polar trees from the Forestry Division.

The ministry says they will be planted in this instance, with more such replanting exercises planned for other affected areas across Trinidad and Tobago in the near future.

"Forests and biodiversity are key to all life forms. The richer the diversity, the greater the opportunity for medical discoveries, economic development and adaptive responses to new challenges such as climate change," the ministry says. 

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