AA passengers concerned airline continuing use of Max 8

Tuesday, March 12, 2019 - 11:15

Some passengers are concerned that American Airlines continue to operate the Boeing 737 max 8 aircraft, despite concerns about its safety.

The UK, Singapore, the EU and other countries have either grounded the aircraft or restricted it from its airspace following the tragic crash of an Ethiopian Airlines flight last week.

It is the second fatal crash involving the popular model in the last six months.

In a statement, American Airlines said it "continues to collaborate with the FAA and other regulatory authorities, as the safety of our team members and customers is our number one priority. We have full confidence in the aircraft and our crew members, who are the best and most experienced in the industry."

The airlines three flights to Piarco are being operated by the Max 8, and today some passengers expressed concern.

Some said they were" terrified" when they learned what type of plane they would be traveling on.

Others told Guardian Media they attempted to make alternative arrangements but it was too late.

According to flight radar, AA2282, AA1030, AA2703 out of Piarco today were operated by the Max 8.

We were unable to reach the civil aviation authority today for comment.

- by Khamal Georges