AATT: Security officer's conduct was discourteous

Monday, December 3, 2018 - 13:45

The Airports Authority says an officer whose letter of suspension has been the subject of scrutiny in the public domain, acted discourteously and fell below the standard of professional judgement and customer service expected.

The AATT issued a statement on the matter Monday evening.

"Airports Authority of Trinidad and Tobago (AATT) wishes to address the contents of a letter, currently circulating on social media, regarding the suspension of Estate Constable Kelvon Alexander, a member of the Authority’s Security Force.

While it is not the policy of the Authority to comment publicly on disciplinary proceedings pertinent to staff members, it feels obliged to respond considering that the document is in the public domain.

Based on its own investigation the Authority is satisfied that the conduct of the officer in question was in fact “discourteous, and fell below the standard of professional judgement and customer service expected of members of the security force.”

The Authority is satisfied that its process in this matter and the decision arrived at were fair and just.

Constable Alexander is free to seek redress in this matter if he feels aggrieved.

Beyond this, the Authority is not prepared to discuss details of the officer’s conduct during the incident in question nor is it willing to comment on aspects of the officer’s personnel file that were considered in arriving at this particular penalty.

The Authority remains committed to ensuring that all airport users are treated in a courteous manner and that quality customer service is provided by all members of its staff."