After years transported in wheelbarrow, Ronaldo gets his road

A Todds Road mother, who uses a wheelbarrow to transport her 22-year-old Cerebral Palsy son, has finally had her prayers answered.

From Friday Oumawatee Mohammed would no longer need a wheelbarrow for her son, Ronaldo Mohammed. 

Ten days ago, Guardian Media reported Oumawatee's plight and the need to have their only access road paved.

The current state of the road made it impassable to any vehicle.

As such, she would have been forced to use the wheelbarrow to push her son up the makeshift road to their vehicle, which is normally to the top.

Less than a week after the Guardian Media report, several people came forward to render assistance to the family.

On Tuesday members of the Muslim community donated oil sand while JMA Transport Ltd supplied the equipment to complete the road.

Efforts were coordinated by Councillor for Longdenville/Talparo Ryan Rampersad.

When the road is completed on Friday, Oumawatee will be able to comfortably park her vehicle in front of their home and the wheelbarrow will finally be returned to their garden. 

- Bavita Gopaulchan