AG prepared for flood of lawsuits

Government is bracing for a barrage of lawsuits by those who were detained in relation to an alleged terrorist plot targeting recently concluded 2018 Carnival celebrations, Attorney General Faris Al-Rawi admitted yesterday.

He made the comment as he reporters that several of the persons who were recently released between Wednesday and yesterday without being charged by the police had signalled their intention to sue the State.

Despite this Al-Rawi defended the actions on the police in the ongoing exercises.

“Law enforcement was well within their rights to take action as they see fit to detain, release and charge people, all of which has happened. So the position of what is to come next … there is due process in this country. Everyone is entitled to approach the courts,” the AG said.

He said T&T also enjoys a cherished democracy and due process.

“The State is prepared to deal with it. We will treat with it as it happens.”

Al-Rawi said his office will defend the claims “and we will take it there whether there was reasonable suspicion in detaining someone... it is not new for the court. These are easy matters for a court to decide upon.”

Al-Rawi said the habeas corpus applications that came up over Carnival season were denied.

“And therefore, the judiciary has already in part considered the reasonableness of continued detention of persons to assist with investigations.”

Having supervised the completion of matters on the arrest of throngs of people during the state of emergency which took place under the People’s Partnership government, Al-Rawi said: “I can tell you that those matters are still being worked out inside of the courts… some of them have resulted in money payments by the State not for the Anti-Gang Act but for false imprisonment or malicious prosecution where there was no evidence.”

Source: (Shaliza Hassanali)

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