Aircraft parts wash ashore in Mayaro

What appears to be parts of an aircraft have washed ashore on a beach in Mayaro Tuesday morning.

A family, which contacted CNC3 today, said the discovery was made while they stayed on a private beachfront property over the long weekend.

Family members told us that a small group among them noticed the pieces floating towards the shore around 6 am Tuesday.

An employee of the family, Davidson Stafford and his son later found the pieces along the shoreline.

One of the pieces had written on it, "CR 204 525 B".

Below that are inscribed what looks to be "FAUF A0A05994/6".

There is a line of small aircraft that carries the identity "CR" developed by Charlie Richardson in North County Coastal San Diego during the 1980s. 

There are also Cessna aircraft that carry the identity "525B".

CNC3 has confirmed from both the Air Guard and the Coast Guard that they are not at this time investigating any missing aircraft. Calls to the Civil Aviation Authority went unanswered.

However, aircraft pieces have been known to wash ashore from thousands of miles away and can turn up many years after an incident. 



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