Aranguez farmers ready to profit from weed cultivation

Friday, November 22, 2019 - 17:15

The Aranguez United Farmers Association says it welcomes the statement made today in the Parliament by Attorney General Faris Al Rawi which signalled not only the discrimination of cannabis but also the facilitation of cultivation and monetising of the herb.

Since the announcement, many members have communicated their interest in making an immediate transition to this cash crop that has global demand for medicinal and recreational use, the statement said. 

Farmers who have been suffering economically see this as an opportunity to finally make agriculture profitable.

The AUFA says it hopes that the government does not cut and paste legislation from other Caribbean jurisdictions which have not resulted in the industry taking off the ground. 

"For example, in Jamaica which decriminalisation of cannabis has resulted in a freeing up of the courts, the concurrent cultivation legislative requires such excessive demands that not a single licence has been granted or ganja farm operationalised," the statement said.

It added that additionally, the legislation should not be so cumbersome in it's requirements that only the wealthy could afford to establish a farm. 

"It is hoped that the government in formulating it's policy regarding cannabis include some degree of meaningful consultation with the farming community. To this end the AUFA invites the Attorney General to meet with us at his earliest convenience." the statement said.