Arbitrator rules that Kimberly Farah Singh be reinstated as Miss World T&T

Sunday, November 15, 2015 - 20:00

The Arbitrator in the matter of Kimberly Farrah Singh and the organisers of the Miss World T&T Pagaent, has ruled that she be reinstated to the position of Miss World T&T.

In a ruling today, Arbitrator Ernest Koylass S.C., ruled that whilst Ms. Singh did in fact breach specific terms of the beauty pageant agreement, such breaches were not fundamental enough to warrant her termination as Miss World Trinidad & Tobago.

He has therefore ordered, that she be reinstated as Miss World T&T 2015 and that each party bear their legal own costs of the arbitration.

Having regard to the said orders, both parties are in the process of attempting to agree on the way forward, to arrive at a mutually accepted resolution of this matter.

Singh was crowned Miss T&T on July 25th and was expected to represent the country in the Miss World competition in China next month. However, in October she was dethroned and replaced by Daniella Walcott. 

Singh claims that her dethronement was “unfair” and a breach of her contract with franchise holder Miss Oneness T&T and the national director Vanessa Sahatoo-Manoo. 

The former queen showed letters from the attorneys of the franchise citing failure to attend events, training and not sourcing funding as some of the reasons for her being stripped of the title.

While Singh claimed to have evidence to prove otherwise, she remained adamant that the organisers were “out of order,” as her contract stated: “It is mutually agreed that any dispute under this agreement shall be referred to arbitration in accordance with the arbitration laws of Trinidad and Tobago before any relief is sought from any courts of law in Trinidad and Tobago.”

She claimed that this made her dethronement, and subsequent replacement as the Miss World candidate by Walcott, questionable, as no attempts were made until now to satisfy this clause by Miss Oneness T&T.