ArcelorMittal clears air on 'return' of 1500 workers

Tuesday, January 12, 2016 - 20:00

ArcelorMittal Point Lisas Limited is clearing the air on reports that the company has agreed to allow 1500 workers to show up to work next Monday.

The energy company published a newspaper ad today stating that the company continues to bear the effects of the continued deterioration of economic and market conditions.

The following is the statement by ArcelorMittal:

"It is incorrect to say that ArcelorMittal Point Lisas Limited has agreed to have 1500 workers show up for work on January 18th 2016.

The Company confirms meeting with the Union at the office of the Ministry of Labour in San Fernando on January 11, 2016 and provided an update on the developments in and the continued deterioration of the economic and market conditions since December 2015.

This further deterioration in the world steel market was highlighted by the Company’s spokespersons as a means of indicating to the Union the continuing extremely difficult situation in which ArcelorMittal at Point Lisas finds itself.

On a specific query by the Union, the Company confirmed that while it was hoping for an improvement in the market there has not been any positive change in its markets.

The Company made clear that as at the point in time of that meeting it remained committed to the terms of its letters of December 7, 2015 to the workers and the Union.

Moreover, the Company and the Union are engaged in legal proceedings before the Court and that the Company has maintained status quo. The Company intends to fully comply with its due process obligations.

Further to the meeting with the Union on January 11, 2016 the attorneys representing the Company have also sought to engage the Union through its attorneys in separate conciliation proceedings under the Industrial Relations Act in respect of the workers of ArcelorMittal."