Attorney for Robinson-Regis threatens Express newspaper with legal action

Tuesday, February 21, 2017 - 11:45

Attorney-at-law Michael Quamina has sent a letter to the Express Newspaper on behalf of Minister of Planning and Development, Camille Robinson-Regis, warning the newspaper not to publish any further articles on allegations that Robinson-Regis did not disclose the source of funds to First Citizens Bank.

It follows a front-page article in the Sunday Express which alleged that Robinson-Regis failed a bank query.

In the letter, Quamina states that "at no point has my client ever been informed by First Citizens Bank Limited that she failed to provide any information requested to her".

He added: "For the record, my client declared the source of funds to First Citizens Bank Limited with evidence, which was available to her at the time, that the balance of the account, just prior to the withdrawal, was sufficient to allow for same. It was, as was reported in the story, the Honourable Attorney General, who went one step further, and requested of my client that she cause Republic Bank Limited to verify that the said sum was in fact withdrawn from the account on the relevant day. This was verified by Republic Bank."

Quamina says the letter that Robinson-Regis is not interested in litigation but that she will vigourously pursue it to protect her reputation.

"Accordingly, I write to provide the firm undertaking that should your newspaper publish anything further concerning my client on this issue, without any foundation in fact, I will take legal action on her behalf, and claim a substantial sum in damages," the letter states.

The letter was dated February 16th but distributed to members of the media this morning.