Body of Trini teen killed in Brooklyn J'ouvert being returned to T&T for burial

Tuesday, September 13, 2016 - 07:15

Mourners who attended the funeral of Trinidad and Tobago teenager, Tyreke Borel, who was shot dead at the Labour Day J'ouvert celebrations in Brooklyn last week, were only able to see his photos at the church.

No casket was present, as Borel's body is to be brought back to T&T where he will be buried.

No one has yet been arrested, adding to the pain of his family and friends.

“I would like anybody who knows anything or saw anything to come forward,” said Tyreke’s heartbroken mother, Alima St. Clair.

“I want to thank everybody for their help, we need further help so we can take my boy home. He was a loving boy,” she said.

Organ music and hymns filled the church as 100 family and friends approached Borel’s mother to offer condolences.

“We share the pain of his mother and family,” said the Rev. Lucon Rigaud, at St. Jerome’s Roman Catholic Church in East Flatbush.

“No one could imagine last week would be Tyreke's last breath. He was a victim of senseless violence, he was a caring son and full of life. He had so much to live for — the violence must stop in our community,” he said.