Boy suffers broken leg while at South school

An eight-year-old schoolboy is currently warded at the San Fernando Teaching Hospital with a broken left leg after an incident at his school last month where he was allegedly attacked by another pupil while at school.

The schoolboy from South had to undergo surgery where a surgical pin was placed through- and- through his left leg just above the knee in an attempt to hold the broken bones together.

He is said to be in extreme pain and cannot be administered with strong painkillers at the moment.

Speaking from his bedside yesterday at the Paediatric Ward, his concerned mother said she was told that there was an incident involving her son at the school and that she should immediately come in.

She said, “When I got there I saw that my son’s leg was swollen and his leg bent. We took him to the hospital and X-rays done showed the bone completely broken. He has been warded here ever since and the doctors said his leg would have to remain in that pin maybe for the next 16 days.”

The mother said she met with the principal of the school and the mother of the child. “In the end it seems to me as though the principal is labelling it as an accident and the mother of the child said her son would never do anything like that (referring to the incident).”

The boy, who was engaged mostly on his tablet playing “subway surfer” took a few minutes to say what happened.

“I was in the auditorium when the boy come up and slap me in my eye and then he jumped kicked me and I fell down and started to cry.

The injured boy, in the presence of his mother added that the same boy had beaten him up before. When the mother heard this she expressed shock over this new revelation, “This is the first time I am hearing this one…He never told me this before.”

The mother said when she went to the Ministry of Education’s south office to lodge a report of the incident, she was told that the principal did not contact them on any such incident, “They took my report and told me that they will follow up on it. The police was not informed also but I did everything I know I am supposed to do.”

Before the T&T Guardian news team left, the little boy said he wanted to be an attorney when he grows up.

When contacted yesterday for comment, a ministry official, who wished not to be identified, said they have received a report on the incident and added that investigations have already commenced.

Efforts to reach the principal for comment proved futile as the school’s phone went unanswered.

Source: (Rhondor Dowlat)

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