Bunji fights with US entertainer over prank gone wrong

Saturday, August 13, 2016 - 21:15

A video has been posted to the Instagram account of Soca artiste Ian "Bunji Garlin" Alvarez, showing him getting into a fight with US entertainer Trevor "Queenzflip" Robinson who was apparently trying to pull a prank on Bunji's wife, Fay Ann Alvarez, in her hotel bathroom.

But both men are making it clear, that they have since worked things out.

The video shows Queenzflip, as he is more popularly known, holding his head, which is bleeding, and repeatedly saying "it's a joke" as Bunji Garlin enters the room asking, "What is this?"


Fay Ann then tries to explain that she went to the bathroom and saw Queenzflip but does not complete her story amid the melee.

Bunji then tackles Queenzflip and pulls him to the ground before others intervened and pulled him away.

Bunji Garlin, who has over 124,000 Instagram likes, stated in the post, "Some jokes I'm not into but we worked it out after".

Queenzflip also uploaded the video to his Instagram page where he has over 145,000 followers.

He said, "Shower video dropping tomorrow!!! So @bunjigarlin & @fayannlyons CANT TAKE A JOKE!!! Smh got hit in the head with a Blow dryer .... JUST CAUSE I WANTED TO PRETEND TO TAKE A SHOWER WITH HIS WIFE??? Like what happen to one love!!! Thanks to Bunji and Fayann for making sure I get to hospital in St Lucia smh I'm no longer welcome at THE LANDINGS !!! But we worked it out ITS DEXTERS FAULT, he flew me out here to do this".

It appears that Queenzflip and both Bunji and Fay Ann were not complete strangers to each other.

Queenzflip has a post on his Instagram page from July 31st with his arms around both Bunji and Fay Ann, in which he expresses his respect for the both artistes.

The video has gone viral across other forms of social media.

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