Cabinet agrees to $58 million pay-out to cane farmers

Wednesday, July 27, 2016 - 20:00

Cane farmers are in line for a $58 million payout following a decision by the Cabinet today as final settlement for the 2007 transitional payment.

The Minister of Planning and Development, Camille Robinson-Regis has issued a media statement announcing the Cabinet decision.

"The Minister of Planning and Development has indicated that the Cabinet meeting today after several months of deliberation Cabinet decided to pay the Cane Farmers the sum of $57,965,675.00 for Tranche II and III of the Compensation Package as a final settlement to the 2007 Transitional Payment.  

As you are aware, this present Government inherited the matter of a Compensation Package to Former Cane Farmers as part of the Final Settlement to the 2007 Transitional Payment.  Tranche I has already been issued to the Cane Farmers of which 2,740 farmers from the eligible farmers 3,481 farmers have been issued payments in the value of $24,151,385TT.
My Permanent Secretary, Mrs.Joanne Deoraj met with representatives of the Cane Farmers today at 2.00 PM verbally informing them of this decision. This will also be provided to the Cane Farmers in writing.

I am intent on meeting with the Cane Farmers in person to discuss this further and my Ministry will also work with the farmers to determine how this amount will be shared."