Caught on Camera: CCTV video shows security guard shot from behind while pursuing bandit

Security guard Matthew Pierre was running ahead of the bandit who shot him in his leg at RRM Plaza in San Fernando this morning.

CCTV footage recovered from the scene of a show one man darting toward the exit of the building, with Pierre running behind him.


Pierre was in pursuit of the first man when another bandit behind him is seen pointing his gun toward Pierre.

It was at that point that Pierre was shot.

The short video shows another man running behind the shooter, with a blue bag in his hand.

Pierre is then seen running back inside the building while hopping on one leg.

The incident occurred around 11.40 am at RRM Plaza, High Street, San Fernando.

A jewelry store was the target.

Reports indicate that three men accosted Pierre and one jumped over the counter and held the attendant at gunpoint.


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