Chamber: 'The worst of times'; united approach to crime-fighting needed

Thursday, June 29, 2017 - 17:00

The Chamber of Industry and Commerce says it seems like this country is in "the worst of times" and is calling on the Government and Opposition to unite in the fight against crime.

The Chamber has issued a statement on the recent events in T&T.

"The Trinidad and Tobago Chamber of Industry and Commerce (T&T Chamber) remains deeply troubled, particularly by the unfolding events of the past 24 hours in our beloved country.

Many of us had barely come to terms with the recent brazen attack on respected priest and community activist, Father Clyde Harvey, before yesterday’s most heinous and shocking homicide involving a 13-year old child and his care-giver, screamed at us through media reports.

Following closely on the heels of that incident was this morning’s reports of the kidnapping of a well-known south Trinidad businessman.

These three events have shaken us to the very core – particularly the sheer brutality in which the youngster’s life was ended. But make no mistake; citizens of all walks of life and of all ethnicities and ages, continue to suffer daily at the hands of the criminal element in Trinidad and Tobago, with no end in sight.

The T&T Chamber has called repeatedly for strategic and urgent action to reduce this scourge that seems to have enveloped our nation. We have met with the Police Service Commission (PSC) and other stakeholder groups with a view to identifying viable solutions.

Today, in what seems to be just about the worst of times, we renew our calls for a united approach to fighting crime.

Our country requires a Government emboldened by the political will to implement decisions that are strategic and necessary, though unpopular. Together with an Opposition that is demonstrably committed to acting with reasoned intent - far beyond opposing merely for the sake of it – we are sure to accomplish some measure of success.

We call upon the Police Service and all other key stakeholders charged with the direct and indirect responsibility for public safety to resist the urge for political grandstanding and posturing, and seek instead to channel all resources towards getting our nation back on course.

We must act now; and to that end, the T&T Chamber stands ready to actively participate in any effort towards a renewed and restored sense of security and peace of mind in Trinidad and Tobago."