CNC: We are willing to continue negotiations but with independent verification

Caribbean Nitrogen Company (CNC) says it is willing to return to the negotiating table but only with independent verification.

CNC says the National Gas Company has not offered a fair price for both parties.

The company issued the following statement Friday afternoon:

"All parties were working to resolve this situation until the gas was turned off, forcing us to close our operations.

We absolutely share the stated desires of the Honourable Franklin Khan Minister of Energy and Energy Industries and Chairman of National Gas Company (NGC) Gerry Brooks to continue negotiations, but to reach a reasonable conclusion, we believe we need more transparency, and therefore proposed an independent verification.

We are only looking to reach a deal that offers a fair price for both parties, and currently the NGC has not offered one. We do not believe that the ‘shared sacrifice’ the Chairman mentions should extend to the 400 people whose jobs are currently at risk due to this action, or the other businesses and citizens that could be hurt by an extended shutdown.

We hope that we can swiftly find a solution that allows us to restart our plant in the interests of all stakeholders."



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