Digicel raises rates

Digicel has raised its prices on some of its offerings effective August 15, 2019. In a response to questions by Guardian Media, the company said: “...due to higher programming costs, it became necessary to adjust the prices on some of the packages, which only directly affects around five per cent of our customer base.”

The telecommunications company continued: “Obtaining maximum value is important to our customers, and the company, therefore, works diligently to keep costs under control.” 

The “Play Now” package was increased from $319 to $339, the “Play More” bundle from $369 to $389 and the “Première” offering went up from $579 to $599. 

Digicel continued to express that they have also launched a new Modern Fibre offering to cater to the specific needs, lifestyles and budgets of their customers.  The company said: “This new product allows customers to tailor their entertainment and broadband packages with prices starting from as low $299 and TV add-ons from $29.”

Digicel Home and Entertainment, over the past three years, has supplied its customers with TV content and broadband services. 

Recently, almost all of the holders of US$2 billion Digicel bonds, due for repayment in 2020, agreed in January 2019, accepted to postpone getting their money back by exchanging their holdings for notes that mature in 2022.

According to one media outlet, there can be issues with bond repayment if the wider Digicel Group runs into financial trouble in the future. Weeks ago, Digicel T&T spoke to the Business Guardian, saying that the organisation is not encountering financial difficulty and restructuring is not in its pipeline. 

Also responding to notions of restructuring in other media outlets, Digicel executives have reassured investors that the company’s future is strong. 

 - by Kyron Regis

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