Digicel refutes negative claims of network's trustworthiness

Monday, March 6, 2017 - 04:30

Communications provider Digicel is maintaining that customer privacy has not been breached and is a factor behind the confidence customers have shown in the network.

It responded via a statement, after a newspaper report indicated that Cabinet members have been asked to switch to Bmobile because of fears that a senior manager working there, could possibly leak information.

The following is as statement by Digicel.

"Digicel wishes to assure all customers of the integrity of its stringent security systems, designed to guarantee the highest level of privacy to all users of its mobile network. This has been secured at high cost and is rigidly maintained through an IT infrastructure that is safe and secure.

It has become necessary to issue this reassurance in light of recent newspaper stories carried in the Sunday Express of March 5, 2017 which have suggested that private SMS exchanges on our network have been made available to third parties. There has never been a substantiated claim of this kind in the history of our company’s operations in the Caribbean and over the past 11 years of our presence in Trinidad and Tobago.

Since the emergence of such a claim, we have conducted an extensive audit of all operations related to these technical functions and have found absolutely no breach in our security systems.

Guaranteeing the safety and security of customer records of all kinds forms the basis of our treasured relationship with all subscribers.

The interception of communications requires the force of law under strictly defined circumstances as set out in the Interception of Communications Act with respect to real time communications traffic. As it relates to legacy data - that is not routinely retained in our systems and all other records are protected by sophisticated IT protocols requiring concerted actions by several personnel.

Confidence in our systems and the reliability of our service have earned us a growing base of new customers, including government ministries that are now realising up to 50% savings in their telecommunications bills, within with a safe and secure telecommunications environment. Also, with customers now having additional choice, thanks to number portability, we are seeing customers switch to Digicel at a ratio of 5:1 in favour of Digicel.

It is clear that our $10.5 billion network investment is helping us deliver on our promise of a reliable, safe and secure telecommunications experience.

We are confident in the integrity of the systems that have been put in place to protect the safety of customer information and activity on our network."