Dog that killed 6-month-old child not being put down

Thursday, March 10, 2016 - 00:00

The dog that killed the 6-month-old child on Tuesday, is not being put to rest, at least not for another week.

Daniella Daniel, who started the petition on has updated the post saying, "Please be advised that the petition was seen by the TTSPCA, and I was informed by the Operations Manager, Sarah Maynard,, that Simba will not be euthanized today! 

"He was evaluated by an independent vet and a behavioural specialist today and will be assessed by a dog trainer and handler tomorrow. 

"The TTSPCA will keep Simba in their care for the required seven days,(any longer depends on the assessments) and he may be re-homed, based on the results from the previously listed assessments.

"Simba lives to see a couple more days! ‪#‎success‬".

As of 6pm Thursday, over 3,500 people signed the petition.