DOMA "attracted" to Gary Griffith's views of managing Police Service

The Downtown Owners and Merchants Association (DOMA) says the nominee for the post of Commissioner of Police, Gary Griffith, has attracted its attention.

DOMA issued a statement on Tuesday, critical of the approach taken by the Police Service Social and Welfare Association.

"We wish to join with a wide cross-section of the national community in expressing surprise at the comments attributed to the Police Service Social and Welfare Association on the possible appointment of Captain Gary Griffith as Commissioner of Police.

The objections have been made with a vague reference to the fact that "Politics and Policing" do not mix.

This point clearly ignores the fact that the politicians of the day pay the price of failed results and a high crime rate is of great significance to the choices that citizens make at election time. 

If politicians must pay the price for failed performance why then should politicians not be able to choose who they feel will deliver better results?

Governments of the day should be allowed to govern when it comes to the appointment of persons who will deliver service to the people of our traumatized and shell-shocked nation.

The Government deserves credit for a choice that seems to cross party lines in the interest of relieving citizens from our country's horrific crime problem.

Mr. Griffith has attracted the attention of this association with his views of a management model for the police based on performance as opposed to promotions by seniority. 

The Police Service Social and Welfare Association may be attaching itself to the failures of the past if it rejects a performance model with such failures not only connected to record crime levels but also seeing countless officers seeking redress in the High Courts for being bypassed for promotion. 

In fact, with regret, and with the cynicism that is raging in our land, the opposition by the Police Service Social and Welfare Association is being seen widely as a good indication that Mr. Griffith might be the best man for the job.

At a time when crime has created fear among almost all citizens, damaged our freedoms, reduced our quality of life and created an undeniable drag on our economy it would be a most welcome and refreshing change to welcome on board all stakeholders including those who are resistant to change as we march to the beat of a new drummer and attempt to stop the spectacular rise of boldfaced criminals and brazen criminality in Trinidad and Tobago. 

We look to the President of the Police Service Social and Welfare Association to exercise prudent leadership in the interest of not only his association members but also of the citizenry who are in desperate need of relief. Such leadership will help to improve trust and respect in our law enforcement agencies and create the national teamwork that we as a nation have been longing for.

We wish to take this opportunity of this release to thank  Police Commissioner Stephen Williams for his dignity and balance in the execution of his duties and for his service to our Capital City and our Country."

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