Education Minister says teachers' arrears of increments high on agenda

Thursday, February 25, 2016 - 00:00

Education Minister Anthony Garcia is seeking to assure teachers that payment of arrears of increments is high on his agenda.

The Miniter's office issued the following statement today:

"The Honourable Anthony Garcia, Minister of Education is assuring members of the teaching community that he is giving priority to all outstanding increments owed to them.

Minister Garcia says he empathizes with the plight of teachers awaiting the processing of their increments as well as pension/retirement benefits to retired teachers. He indicated that increments for teachers at the Secondary level are at varying stages of processing. He is awaiting information on the status for Primary school teachers.

The issue of filling vacancies at schools was also raised. Minister Garcia has advised that the Ministry and the Teaching Service Commission will meet to prepare profiles on schools identifying vacancies and prepare a priority list for filling vacancies. He said, “Too many of our schools have persons acting in positions and they are not being promoted. Many of them feel they do not have the authority to make certain decisions and we want to correct this situation.”

The issue of teacher safety, at high risk schools was also raised. The Ministry is reviewing security levels at such schools to determine if additional manpower is required. Additionally, discussions are ongoing with the Ministry of National Security to joint army and police patrols where needed and with the Ministry of Social Development to support services already provided by the Ministry’s Student Support Services Unit. "