Escapees Denbow, Findley appear in court

Olatunji Denbow and Michael Findley appeared before Arima Magistrate Cheron Raphael Tuesday morning charged with escaping lawful custody.

The charge was laid indictably so they were not called upon to enter a plea.

However, the duo's attorney Christon Williams told the court that his clients had decided to take 'particular action' and he was required to write the Director of Public Prosecutions under the Plea Bargaining Discussion Act.

The matter was adjourned to June 25th.

Den­bow and Find­ley es­caped with six oth­er pris­on­ers from Re­mand yard on May 15.

They were recaptured on Saturday at a house in South Oropouche.

The oth­er six were held in St He­le­na and El Car­men, less than 24 hours af­ter their es­cape. 

On May 19, Denbow and Findley released a video where they expressed concerns about the credibility of a state witness in the several cases including the matter involving them.

- Peter Christopher

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