Faaiq: Central not selling raffle tickets, no chance for PNM

Deputy May­or of the Bor­ough of Ch­agua­nas Coun­cil­lor Faaiq Mo­hammed has re­spond­ed to the Prime Min­is­ter’s call for the re­gion to “give PNM a chance”.

In a state­ment, Mo­hammed said that Cen­tral Trinidad “isn’t sell­ing raf­fle tick­ets and they are not giv­ing any chances.”


The Deputy May­or said that the past 4 years un­der the PNM’s watch have been bru­tal for the burgess­es of the Ch­agua­nas Bor­ough.

“We have been on our knees and have lit­er­al­ly begged for fund­ing at the Bor­ough week af­ter week but all our pleas have fall­en on deaf ears,” said Mo­hammed.

He added, “this gov­ern­ment has been starv­ing cen­tral cor­po­ra­tions of funds and as a re­sult have de­prived burgess­es of ba­sic ne­ces­si­ties such as garbage col­lec­tion, spray­ing for mos­qui­toes, clean­ing drains and cut­ting of recre­ation grounds.”

The Deputy May­or al­so made men­tion of the ab­hor­rent crime sit­u­a­tion in the re­gion stat­ing that it is on the rise and cen­tral busi­ness­men seem to be the tar­get of crim­i­nals.

In light of this, Mo­hammed said that the gov­ern­ment has done noth­ing to pro­tect the burgess­es and make them feel safe.

Mo­hammed said be­cause of all these is­sues, it was clear that the PNM has dis­ap­point­ed the peo­ple of cen­tral Trinidad and the peo­ple will re­ject them at the polls.

On Sat­ur­day Prime Min­is­ter and PNM po­lit­i­cal leader, Dr Kei­th Row­ley led mem­bers of his par­ty as they opened as Cen­tral re­gion­al of­fice in En­ter­prise.

Both he and the par­ty’s can­di­date for the Ch­agua­nas East seat Clarence Ramb­harat said the PNM had done lots of work in the area and was con­fi­dent of vic­to­ry.

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