Flow internet rates to increase on March 1st

Telecommunication provider Flow has announced an increase in its broadband rates, effective March 1st.

The announcement comes via its website.

It states: "We would like to thank you for being a loyal customer. Your satisfaction is important to us, that's why we have continually invested in our network infrastructure to ensure that you have the fastest and most reliable Broadband in Trinidad.

"Gone are the days when customer connected a single computer to a cable modem. Today, customers are using WI-Fi within their homes and they are connecting with computers, gaming consoles, tablets, mobile phones and countless other devices. We have recognised this trend and have been increasing our Broadband speeds to keep up with the advances in technology and the growing number of smart devices used in the home simultaneously.

"As we continue to invest heavily in the upgrade of our network, it has become necessary to make some adjustments to our Broadband packages effectively March 1st, 2018."

The increases are as follows:

Basic Package: From $136.95 to $142

Essential Package: From $219.99 to $234

Plus Package: From $293.49 to $320

Max Package: From $391.29 to $410

Turbo Packages: From $529.99 to $600 (includes addition 100Mbps downloads and 5Mbps upload)

There is a decrease in the rate for those with Ultra Packages, going down from $699.99 to $600

Flow says the new rates will be reflected in the March bills.

Photo: Flow website

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