Former COP chairman Joseph Toney mounts UNC platform and announces his return

"I come back to that very question - 'Who is going to be my leader?"

In 1990, Joseph Toney was on his feet in Parliament when the Muslimeen members stormed in an attempted coup, and he blurted out, "Who is your leader?"

Tonight, it is the same question that he said he had to ask himself, as he declared that he is returning to the United National Congress, a party he had left with former Finance Minister Winston Dookeran, to form the Congress of the People.

After serving as chairman of the COP for several years, Toney appeared on the platform at the UNC Monday Night Forum in Tunapuna to announce his decision.

My former party has lost its way and relevance and is unable to appeal anymore to the voters and the population," Toney told the audience.

He added: "I have moved on but the politics is in my blood and I had to make a choice politically." 

Toney told the audience that he had to make a choice as to who I think would best lead the country today.

He said he asked himself who would do best for the country in the areas of job creation, health, the economy, traffic congestion and education among other things.

"I asked about what the two leaders can say or have done for safety and security and ensuring at all times the Cabinet of the country remains a place where ministers are disciplined," he said.

His conclusion, Opposition Leader Kamla Persad-Bissessar.

Toney was greeted with cheers as he spoke during his allotted time as he spoke of "when we form the next Government come 2020".


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