Fuad Abu Bakr speaks about seven-hour police ordeal

Thursday, February 25, 2016 - 00:00

Police have cleared the leader of the New National Vision Fuad Abu Bakr of suspicion of being in possession of a stolen vehicle.

Bakr was detained for seven hours last evening as police claimed the vehicle he was driving had appeared on their system as a stolen vehicle.

DETENTION: http://www.cnc3.co.tt/press-release/fuad-abu-bakr-detained-police
RELEASE: http://www.cnc3.co.tt/press-release/update-fuad-abu-bakr-released-vehicl...

Although police released Bakr around midnight his vehicle was kept for tracing.

This morning police called Bakr and told him that their checks with the Licensing Department had proven that the vehicle was in fact his own and told him he was free to come and pick up his vehicle.

Bakr was at no time charged with any offence.

Below is Bakr's full interview with CNC3 about how it all transpired, after he was released by police at the Central Police Station in Port-of-Spain.

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